Blur impressions

got some footage of my initial reaction but here’s a rundown of what I think of it so far. unless there are people talking and not taking the game seriously it is pretty boring. I am waiting to rank up in order to try the new modes that were not in the beta. Single player is standard although there are more things to shoot for so having more to do in a racer than just place first is a good thing. there are also boss battles.

I feel that this game is more like a frankenstein monster than anything. lots of stuff from other games thrown into one game. call of duty’s multiplayer system, mario kart’s powers, and arcade racer.

you do get your money’s worth but so far I can’t say if it is worth spending it. This game is procedural so my opinion will definitely change for now split second is the game to get if you can get a deal its more focused. it has a simple goal and achieves it marvelously. Blur has a lot going for it but you will probably confused a lot of the time. If getting your money’s worth is all you care about Blur is the game for you and maybe it will end up being the game for me as well just not yet.

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