Djaggerton Report Autobahn Polizei

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In this episode I play Autobahn Polizei so you don’t have to. In this first segment: The Horrible Tutorial

Finally finished the horrible tutorial now onto the…cases?

I give up on trying to intercept a beer truck that has too much poison in it instead of beer. I actually beat this mission shortly after ending this piece by taking a huge jump right after the hill of death. Unfortunately not on video.

Attack the Stack: The Club

Played this one for a little bit the other day. Not to sure how I feel about it. It’s made by the same guys who made Blur, Bizarre Creations. It’s like Blur but taken the other way around. It’s a shooter that plays like a racer with a little bit fighting game thrown in.

You have levels that are kind of race track ish in that there’s one way through em. Along the way you have to stylishly pop dudes in the face and find hidden skull markers. All of this gets you points and you need a lot of those to top the rankings.

So take the time trials of Burnout but instead of drifting and making jumped you’re rolling and popping headshots.

There I believe eight different characters which have characteristics broken down just like the cars in any racer.

I doubt anyone is still playing the online so seeing that section of the game is something to be missed unfortunately.

Right now it’s drifted to the bottom of my list but I definitely did not give it a fair shot yet so look forward to seeing it on other editions of.Aos which will be both blog and vlog.

Finished both Assasin’s Creed games and I’m looking forward to brotherhood and the third one. Yes they are different because if brotherhood was the trust third entry it would have a three in it.

More later.

Oh bloody hell prelude to the blog 4

OK so I thought I was done uploading but turns out blip auto rejects any file larger than a gig and vegas spat out a horribly audio desynched monster.

currently trying to render a video that is under a gig that will take like 4 hours and then uploading will take like another 4 hours and if it wasn’t for the fact that I put so much goddamn effort into this thing I would just scrap it all together.

fuck fuck fuck well live and learn but goddamn

Prelude to the vlog 3

Ok so vegas finally rendered the vlog for the second time. Yes the second time because the first resulted in a double vlog. It somehow put two copies back to back. So now I have one video with one copy of the one vlog. So why isn’t it up yet I hear you scream? either hates my laptop or vice versa. I can’t access any blip no views no ups no downs. At first I thought they blocked my IP but they say no. So a big ol Wtf on that.

Hopefully, it’ll all be worth it in the end. At the very least i’m learning stuff.

edit 5:12 my laptop’s wifi card had to be reset and now after that, blip works. buuuut my ISP sucks and it will take like 4.5 hours to upload.

10 MINUTE CHUNKS OF ME IS ALL YOU’RE GETTING FROM NOW ON. uch man if I had a time machine I’d become my own grandfather then try to teleport myself to a desert island so I don’t buy this webspace.
DNA we miss you 42 my frood 42

Prelude to the vlog part 2

so the vlog was not as bad as I originally thought I added a new VO for the bad parts which none of my “came with the computer” tools allowed me to do. so I have vegas now. great something else to learn ^^;

yeeeaaahh it also told me it was going to take 3 hours to smush it all together? and then I still have to upload the thing.

so coming soon on that yeeeeaaaahh.
it will probably be up later tonight. let me know what you think

yes I put drawn out yeah’s and there was no CSI: Miami style jokes…

Prelude to the vlog

um so sort of got an hour of me talking about split/second playing it and talking about comics and tv shows and stuff. also talked about what I did this weekend. I was at LordKat’s meetup on saturday. the beginning of the vlog mentions that I was there the dude in the blue shirt with the beard and longish hair in the pics. unfortunately, the video kinda messes up there. wow this video is really messed up here and there. i go slow motion a lot. I am going to be putting it up for the fuck of it. um let me know which parts are too messed up to understand I will re say parts.