Took some videos for this site about a month ago…

Thought they were great at the time, realized now that if I ever posted them, I would either lose all credibility or have people flock to me not unlike a car wreck.  Yes there are some good things in the videos but then I ruin it a second later.  Around that time I was on a drug called Reglan.  The good thing about it, is that it sort of resets your body so that you feel healthier.  The bad side, and woah hoah nelly is it a bad side, is that you behave like a cracked out howler monkey for a while.  It was under the influence of this medication that I first bought the domain and hosting for this very site.  I also racked up a huge credit card bill, lost many things I spent lots of money on, and freaked out my loved ones.  As you can probably guess, fun times were had by all.

What this means for the site, is that I now have slightly less content to load up on here.  I still have a metric fuck ton of content however, especially if I stagger it out.  What I am planning on doing is to take the time from now until June 1st to fix the site up.  Basically, I will be playing with the word-press theme, putting up samples of what content I hope to bring etc..

As it stands right now, I and many other employees and students of CSI are bogged down with the end of the semester.  In whatever free time I have I will be playing around with what I mentioned above.  Hopefully, I will not be the only one contributing to this site.  There are a lot of people I know that are pretty charismatic that when in the same room together make for a very entertaining time.

If you know of any quick word press editing tutorials or tips I would greatly appreciate it if you would point me towards them.  I am very much hopeful for a great June 1st launch.

With that out of the way here is what else I have been doing since last update:

I am still playing Split/Second.  Yes it is still amazing if not more so.  I am trying to 100% beat it because you get awesome cars that you need in order to be competitive online.  It is also very challenging.  The time trials are killing me I am always a half second off and it is a good old fashioned controller hurling challenge that I hope to make headway in if not complete before Blur comes out on Tuesday.

Last night my family decided to go for a diner run as we usually do.  This time however, we ended up in Philly.  After driving through…shall we say the more seedier areas, I with the power of Android found an almost closing Philly Steak shack that was delicious.

So I am once again sleepless and soon heading out to LordKat’s Until We Win meetup which is over at Midtown Comics 40th and 7th in Manhattan.

So a little more playing around with the site maybe posting the one or two videos that are coherant and then off to the ferry I go.

Stay Tuned

What’s down the pipe

Three weeks of audio logs full of money saving tips, stand up and universal theories. Charlie the 13 year old poser satanist Director’s cut (almost twenty episodes), the new spin-off series Timothy Necro, video podcasts and two minute continuing game reviews, the latest and greatest from the MUGEN scene as well as classic serials like the idiot of the (insert recent time frame here) award, random URLs and google searches, as well as IT CAME FROM THE SPAAAAAAAM FOLDER.

There’s over eight years worth of content and ideas from The Product of My Boredom. SO WATCH THIS SPACE!

In the meantime follow me on twitter @demonicdrphil.

Hello world! haha yeah a CS dude and that’s not going to be the first title?

just getting everything set up no idea if I am going to be sticking with WP or what but there is some stuff coming down the pipe just stay tuned.

I have a hmm should I curse… yes why the fuck not…I have a shit load of content saved up from the old geocities site (RIP) and from just fucking around the last few weeks so there will be tons for you all to see and hear.

so basically watch this space.

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