Old habits die hard. Sorry for anything.

So it has been a little over two months since the last update. I should have stuck to livejournal at least with that failure to update isn’t a waste of money. Like I said somewhere can’t remember if it was the split second vlog or a text post or maybe to someone but I said somewhere that for a while in the spring I went crazy from some medication I was taking for my highly debilitating medical condition and during that time it was if I was on speed for about a month and half. Also during that time I bought this website. I was moving too fast at the time to do anything with it but as I slowed down from the speed of light to the speed of sound, I slapped WordPress on the thing thinking it would make updates super easy and allow me to constantly chuck content.

That was the plan. Now it’s the fall and I am feeling just as sick or sicker than I have ever felt before. That medication turned me into something that I wasn’t. It made me into an obnoxious raving lunatic and I am sure I blew whatever reputation or opinions of me to hell. No matter how good it made me feel I will never go through that again. I will never subject myself and those around me to that person again. The worst part is that at the time I thought I was finally cured after so long. That it was finally over. Instead the lows are deeper after experiencing such highs. Around two months ago is when it all came back fully.

I’ve spent that time struggling with it and pushing hard again with my doctor to finally kill it once and for all. No answers yet though. Half the time I’m feeling like I’m crazy because no one can find out what’s wrong with me. Is it all in my head? Is it physical? Is it both? No idea. It just never ends and it keeps eating my days away.

The reason for this post is to apologize publicly and openly for anything I may have said or done when I was fucked up in the spring and anything I didn’t do or say over the summer. I keep thinking back over the last handful of months and I get embarrassed and anxious. None of that was me. I don’t even know if I did anything that bad in anyone’s mind but in my own I did. So again if I offended you or did anything over that time I am truly deeply sorry.

That concludes the Life portion of the post now comes the Site News part.

My Xbox died which led to that means for content to go with it. Financial situation has not allowed me to buy a new one until now so look forward to more reviews let’s plays and stack attacking. Yes I know half of the stack was PS2 games but that’s a different story. I’ll be posting the rest of the Charlies over the next week or two mostly for completions sake. Whether they are worthwhile or not I don’t know but at the very least they trigger some happier memories for me sometimes.

And another thing. The FYE membership thing that I praised so highly turned into a ripoff. They don’t tell you about the thirteen bucks that they charge your credit card every month and the magazines were never free. I think that’s it.

In case you are wondering punctlibrium is short for punctuated equilibrium. The evolutionary theory that there are long periods of EQUILIBRIUM that are PUNCTUATED with births of growth. So I guess not updating this place for two months is very much in the spirit of the name. I’ll see if I can’t make it kinda ironic soon.

Thanks for reading leave a comment if you wish. Would like to know if I’ve made up in a small way for what I have done.

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