Assasin’s Creed now totally borked?

News is coming in that the creative director of the series has left his post. Since Ubisoft has succumbed to the dark side (activision style) and laid down the mandate that the series will now be yearly until we’re all sick of it, only makes sense he would leave since it’s no longer his baby.

So instead of a neat little trilogy, with a comprehensive and coherant story, we get the eternal drag on.

So this is the trust reason for Brotherhood. Now even though this dude left it doesn’t mean the story is completely fucked. Hopefully there are enough people over at Ubi Montreal to push sticking to the game’s bible.

Regardless, this series will always have a big ol’ what if hanging over it.

I definitely am highly disappointed at this development. Every time corporate interferes with the creator’s vision everything goes to hell.

It happened to Spider-Man with the Clone Saga. It happened twice to Infinity Ward and now it’s Assasin’s Creed.

Good Luck Desmond.