Green Hornet issues 1-4 review

In the new Green Hornet comic series, written by Kevin Smith and published by Dynamite Entertainment, you will find a slightly by the numbers and possibly predictable origin story. However it is the way this story is presented and the way the dialogue is written that makes this series worth a read.

The current run of this series is an adaptation of Smith’s own abandoned screenplay. It carries Kevin Smith’s trademarks: cliches, tropes and hilarious dialogue.

The Green Hornet has been a part of American culture dating back to the days of radio serials. The character and his sidekick, valet, manservant Kato are best remembered for their depiction in the 1960’s tv program where Bruce Lee played the latter role.

The history and past exploits of this other quite dynamic duo is not needed in order to enjoy this latest spin on the character. In the opening pages, Smith clues the reader in on all that is needed to get the characters.

What followes is a classic origin tale sprinkled with Smith’s humour and ability to manipulate the audience’s emotions.

A tale of loss, honor and justice with enough chuckles to keep it snappy.

The Green Hornet has thus far held my interest and kept me hungry for more. With a myriad of titles competing for my Lincoln’s it is rare to pick up a title solely on its own merits.

This series is currently at issue 4 having started this past month and it should be no problem catching up.

Highly recommended for those looking for a series completely disconnected from larger universes and continuities, fans of the recent Zorro movies, na na na Batman, as well as Kevin Smith of course.