Took some videos for this site about a month ago…

Thought they were great at the time, realized now that if I ever posted them, I would either lose all credibility or have people flock to me not unlike a car wreck.  Yes there are some good things in the videos but then I ruin it a second later.  Around that time I was on a drug called Reglan.  The good thing about it, is that it sort of resets your body so that you feel healthier.  The bad side, and woah hoah nelly is it a bad side, is that you behave like a cracked out howler monkey for a while.  It was under the influence of this medication that I first bought the domain and hosting for this very site.  I also racked up a huge credit card bill, lost many things I spent lots of money on, and freaked out my loved ones.  As you can probably guess, fun times were had by all.

What this means for the site, is that I now have slightly less content to load up on here.  I still have a metric fuck ton of content however, especially if I stagger it out.  What I am planning on doing is to take the time from now until June 1st to fix the site up.  Basically, I will be playing with the word-press theme, putting up samples of what content I hope to bring etc..

As it stands right now, I and many other employees and students of CSI are bogged down with the end of the semester.  In whatever free time I have I will be playing around with what I mentioned above.  Hopefully, I will not be the only one contributing to this site.  There are a lot of people I know that are pretty charismatic that when in the same room together make for a very entertaining time.

If you know of any quick word press editing tutorials or tips I would greatly appreciate it if you would point me towards them.  I am very much hopeful for a great June 1st launch.

With that out of the way here is what else I have been doing since last update:

I am still playing Split/Second.  Yes it is still amazing if not more so.  I am trying to 100% beat it because you get awesome cars that you need in order to be competitive online.  It is also very challenging.  The time trials are killing me I am always a half second off and it is a good old fashioned controller hurling challenge that I hope to make headway in if not complete before Blur comes out on Tuesday.

Last night my family decided to go for a diner run as we usually do.  This time however, we ended up in Philly.  After driving through…shall we say the more seedier areas, I with the power of Android found an almost closing Philly Steak shack that was delicious.

So I am once again sleepless and soon heading out to LordKat’s Until We Win meetup which is over at Midtown Comics 40th and 7th in Manhattan.

So a little more playing around with the site maybe posting the one or two videos that are coherant and then off to the ferry I go.

Stay Tuned

Exhausted and still not done

Why does it feel like hell week is worse now as a professor than it ever was as a student?  Life was easier when I considered myself  “sick.”  Maybe that was part of the problem.  Before  I couldn’t get moving now I feel like I can’t stop.  Gotta go 88 MPH or the Libyans will get me. For non Back to the Future fans (seriously the Blu-Ray is probably going to be out this summer join us), I feel like if I ever slow down I may never get going again.  I’ll die before I ever go back to what I was.

Yes this is depressing but it’s a blog what did you think it would be SUGAR AND RAINBOWS?

I have to bring myself to finish that game and quite a few others.  Lot’s of time coming up so maybe I’ll finally get it done.

More later.