Been reading through my old livejournal that I posted

interesting facts:
1. I am currently feeling just as well now as I did at the start of that thing It’s only been 5 and a half years since I wrote all that stuff

2.the emagickspells website thing does not exist anymore

3. is now an “Adult Movies Search Engine”

4. the fye where I snapped the pic of laura croft and dubya does not exist anymore but saturday matinee which is part of the same company still does.  BTW buy shit from them movies games everything they have pocky and those chinese popper drinks and mario bros candy and energy drinks.  10 bucks gets you 10% off the whole store their clearance section is 30% and you get 20% off on your birthday you can walk in on your birthday and buy half the store for half off.  they have better video game clothes and accessories than anywhere else for way cheaper.  They are what hot topic used to be before they got bought out by kmart. THEY ARE ALSO HIRING HELLLLOOOO EMPLOYEEE DISCOUNT

woah did not mean for that to turn into a huge rant ad for fye but hey guys if you’re reading this NOTHING’S FOR FREE. So hook a brotha up *wiggity wiggity chicka chicka*

its dinner time, more later.