Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-15

  • I'm good as new but still not ginger #
  • Oh wow I sound like a TARDIS…

    Wait a minute, that's not good is it #

  • Up to the romana 2 era #DoctorWho ? #
  • Think I'm gonna have to play zer0 as a first charcter after watching that trailer. Is the end girl the mechomancer? 2nd if so #borderlands2 #
  • First steam sale as a pc gamer. My wallet cannot withstand deals of this magnitude #ackbard #
  • @DoctorLongscarf Terry nation refused to use him in destiny of the daleks because he'd be forced to have the daleks lose to a tin dog in reply to DoctorLongscarf #
  • Thunderbolt comic turning into Betty. While I've enjoyed Parker's work I think the character has come as far as it could. (Cont) #Deccan #
  • ..While betty's character hasn't been nailed down yet. Lot of variations from author to author ever since she was hulked #sdcc #
  • Doctor appointment tomorrow. Wish I knew what I could tell him that would lead to an answer. #
  • The gamebryo engine doesn't look dated at all when you play it on ultra high. New Vegas looks better than skyrim on my rig somehow #
  • Sleep would be fantastic right about now #
  • Pretty sure sleep is a no go at this point. #
  • So it looks like the little girl in the #wimoweh #borderlands2 trailer is an off kilter 13yo named Tiny Tina who demands tea party quests #
  • Amazon vs. Steam. Who wins? We do #
  • The endless waiting room wait #
  • Of course the gout would act up for the first time in months the day after I see the doctor. #nsaidsagogo #

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