Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-22

  • Dad is blasting spaceballs again. It's been like twice every day this week. Usually while I'm sleeping. #
  • Shit the steam sale is turning into Vegas . Kinda sorta maybe got ripped off buying new Vegas in a pack instead of waiting for a sale… #
  • …wasn't sure it would get one but I ended up paying for brink #
  • Brain is trying to kill me. Just caught myself about to squirt liquid hand soap on my toothbrush. #
  • Settling in for the last ever #Eureka ? #
  • Well that was pretty brilliant. #Eureka ? #
  • Is it sick that I'm more worried they won't find anything during Thursday's pulmonary functions test? I just want an answer 10 yrs is enough #
  • Just got ice cream sandwich on my phone. This take some getting used to #
  • If anyone wants me I'll be on #steam UserName=DemonicDrPhil #
  • Thinking of uploading my fallout 3 point lookout let's play to youtube. Debating whether I should cut it down some. Opinions? #
  • Onwards to the leisure hive #DOCTORWHO ? #
  • Whee sleepless night *sobs #
  • My youtube uploads of my #fallout3 #pointlookout let's play has not moved in 2 hours. Ah well #
  • Youtube uploads of parts 1 & 2 of my #fallout3 #pointlookout let's play. constructive criticism? #
  • Having a computer that can render a 10 minute 720p video in 15 minutes vs. 3+ hours is amazing. #
  • @GameJournos had that on my tandy 1000 (which still works perfectly ) in reply to GameJournos #
  • Let's Play Fallout 3: Point Lookout Episode 1-3 now on youtube #
  • will have new #fallout3 #pointlookout eps about every hour until around six EDT. These were on blip last summer #
  • Halfway through meglos #doctorwho ? #
  • Pft just showed I'm not asthmatic #
  • Just marathoned Max Payne 2. Guess it's 3 is next #
  • In bed #

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