Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-05

  • So looked for reviews on the Georgia company and it looks like it's a scam. They are also lying scumbags and turn their employees into that #
  • Also looked up the Wisconsin job. People don't have too many positives listed. At least the company is mostly on the level #
  • Dunno what I'm gonna do. #
  • Tap
    Tap #
  • Finally got around to finishing the e-space trilogy and saying farewell to Romana and K-9. Next up the Master trilogy and another farewell #
  • #NowPlaying ?An Awful Lot Of Running by Chameleon Circuit? #
  • I've said it before but sweet galloping Asimov I wish I could get drunk #
  • Settling for ginger ale cuz ALE #
  • Been thinking a lot about the Wisconsin job. They develop stuff for the health industry. Even if the job sucks, my work there… #
  • …no matter how insignificant could have an impact in someone's health and well being. How can I not try being a part of that? #
  • In some tiny microscopic unknowable way I could have a hand in saving someone's life or fixing their pain. #
  • How can I walk away from that? It sounds like the company is far removed from such noble intentions despite being so huge in the industry #
  • And it sounds like their philosophy is to take as many people as they can and work them into the ground… #
  • But I think that the immeasurable good I can do there, no matter how long I stay before I'm used up, trumps all else. Hope I get the job #
  • AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA RT @gameranx Ubisoft?Uplay?? DRM Exposed as Rootkit, Poses Security Risk #
  • I give up #
  • Syfy now has its own version of hoarders #
  • Losing the game #RejectedOlympicEvents ? #
  • Catching up on my reading and then freaking out more because I'm gonna end up moving to Wisconsin and I don't like cheese all that much #
  • Flare up? Relapse? No way to pick the right term when I don't know what my illness is. Either way haven't felt this sick in a long while #
  • I think I'm gonna start Fallout New Vegas. Shh I know I haven't finished Fallout 3's dlc yet #
  • Horrible day. Interview tomorrow hope I got all of this out of my system. #
  • Wheee the #doctorwho ?#startrektng #idw crossover is fantastic. 4 with kirk spock bones and scotty vs. Cybermen. Time is being rewritten #
  • New phone background made from the new #doctorwho ?promo pic. Check. Watched the trailer 5 times. Check. #
  • Up all night eating cookies and reading comics. If I'm gonna end up moving to Wisconsin and being an adult I'm gonna make Peter Pan look old #
  • 14 hours until the interview is over. That is if they actually call this time. #
  • What was will be, what is will be no more. Now is the season of evil! #
  • I really can't take the who puns in #doctorwho ?anymore. I went from chills to cringe during the trailer. I was half expecting sunglasses #
  • Cue pre-interview freakout #
  • Interview went well I suppose. It was one of them quick let's go over your resume deals. Gotta wait for next step within two weeks #
  • Which is bonkers. The semester starts on 8/27. Gotta know if I should quit or not. #
  • I totally did not just buy fallout 3 goty and copy my xbox save over to the pc to go OOH SHINY *shifty eyes* ~_~ #
  • Really tempted to go to the curiosity rover livestream in times sq #
  • I have no idea why I'm still up #
  • Digging #fallout New Vegas about 9 hours in and the pacing is fantastic. Playing the ultimate version starts you off too rich though #
  • I suppose you could just drop all the items you're not gonna use #

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