Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-26

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  • The caves of androzanni and the twin dilemma today. Goodbye Doctor, Hello Doctor #DoctorWho ? #
  • There has to be some kind of basic morality and logic tests candidates for elected office must pass before even announcing a campaign… #
  • …unfortunately the only way to get one in place is if elected officials do it #
  • Sleeping Dogs is a highly capable highly polished urban sandbox game that I can't recommend enough. #
  • Potentially busy day so of course a sleepless night #
  • Watch "Pokémon vs. Plants vs. Zombies" on YouTube – #
  • @jazzercat good luck! in reply to jazzercat #
  • Busy busy day. Stopping off at the department and then off to Brooklyn for more grandparents duty #upupandaway #
  • Oy yellow fever is stuck in my head. It's basically a paraphrased womanizer with Cantonese lyrics from the sleeping dogs soundtrack #
  • It's "sung" by one of the characters in the game that is voiced by Lucy Liu. So there's that #
  • The soundtrack in sleeping dogs is amazing though. Also on missions check the song on the radio. It will fit the mission by title or lyrics #
  • After watching mark of the rani it's so obvious that rory is her twelfth regeneration and he keeps coming back due to chemistry #doctorwho ? #
  • *shoots self #
  • Sick, angry, depressed, and spent far too long looking for this year's edition of my textbook cuz I remembered one that didn't exist #
  • But new super Mario bros 2 came today. By the time i finished world one I had over 80 lives. Coinsplosions in every level and genius design #
  • Gonna play some more than get the class website up. semester starts Monday after all and I wasted far too much time hoping for a better job #
  • @epileptic_gamer glad to see your priorities are in order 😉 in reply to epileptic_gamer #
  • @epileptic_gamer I know that feel in reply to epileptic_gamer #
  • Of course I'd fall ill right before the semester starts. At least I'm mostly prepared for Monday #
  • Settling in to watch the trial of a time lord. It's close to 7 hours long so we'll see how far I get #doctorwho ? #
  • Five minutes. Barely got five minutes in. #manplansyaddayadda #
  • Can't tell if I want to be up yet or not. It is still dark and I can hear crickets. #

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