Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-10-14

  • Have to stop self destruscting. #
  • What the hell RT @BoingBoing: Sexy Ursula the Sea Witch costume: sexy fat characters have to be skinny #
  • The nightmare is finally over. The credits roll. The End….? #
  • A twitching shivering mess am I Silly body you're supposed to get sick from the con not before it Am now picturing a virus piloting a TARDIS #
  • Now I'm picturing a virus in a blond wig with sparkling eyes waving her hand at a logo on a space station saying I create myself #
  • Until I figure out what's wrong with me I can't be 100% with people and that's not fair to them. Not going to do that to anyone any more #
  • #Dishonored is like deus ex human revolution and bioshock had a steampunk alt history baby. Playing through as stealthy and non lethal #
  • #Dishonored graphics seem a tiny bit off. The character models are an odd blend of cartoony and photo realistic. Enjoying it so far though #
  • #Dishonored also has huge amounts of lore in the form of books and audiologs. Really rewards the player who likes to explore #
  • @Mashaiasu mechromancer dropping a week early in reply to Mashaiasu #
  • @Mashaiasu no idea dude maybe it's their version of on disc dlc? Or like xbox downloading patches before a huge update so support is there in reply to Mashaiasu #
  • @Mashaiasu my school email came with a 7GB skydrive so I use that for teaching files in reply to Mashaiasu #
  • The way my grandparents are going they will outlive us all by causing heart attacks and strokes in the rest of us. #
  • My living will is going to have the edict that I must be put in a home once I can no longer care for myself and family can visit 2x a year #
  • I can see what they are putting my mom through and I know it's not on purpose but there is no way I'm going to be a burden to m family at 90 #
  • There is never enough time to do all the nothing you want #
  • Am currently walking around wal-mart looking for ensure and a toilet seat #murrica #
  • Still have the toys and tapes somewhere RT @GFRobot: Captain Power And The Soldiers Of The Future Reboot In The Works #
  • #nycc is tomorrow and I have done zero planning. Not even sure if the app or site even have panel info yet. #
  • Going to try to attend every #marvel and video game panel and play every demo. Gonna tweet at least and maybe punctlibrium articles #nycc #
  • All depends on time cell service and battery #
  • For now sleep and then giving the kindelach a midterm review #proflife #whatwhat #neverdoingthatagain #
  • Today is Wednesday but it has a Monday schedule and feels like a Thursday. #wibblywobbly #h2g2 #

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