Attack the Stack: The Club

Played this one for a little bit the other day. Not to sure how I feel about it. It’s made by the same guys who made Blur, Bizarre Creations. It’s like Blur but taken the other way around. It’s a shooter that plays like a racer with a little bit fighting game thrown in.

You have levels that are kind of race track ish in that there’s one way through em. Along the way you have to stylishly pop dudes in the face and find hidden skull markers. All of this gets you points and you need a lot of those to top the rankings.

So take the time trials of Burnout but instead of drifting and making jumped you’re rolling and popping headshots.

There I believe eight different characters which have characteristics broken down just like the cars in any racer.

I doubt anyone is still playing the online so seeing that section of the game is something to be missed unfortunately.

Right now it’s drifted to the bottom of my list but I definitely did not give it a fair shot yet so look forward to seeing it on other editions of.Aos which will be both blog and vlog.

Finished both Assasin’s Creed games and I’m looking forward to brotherhood and the third one. Yes they are different because if brotherhood was the trust third entry it would have a three in it.

More later.